Corporate culture of bitlogic AG

The term "culture" (lat. cultura, derived from colere "to maintain, to reclaim, to train") can be used in many ways. In the context of corporate organization, corporate culture plays a decisive role and serves among other things as a framework for the definition of values and guiding principles within the organization.

For us corporate culture is an important cornerstone of the success of our customers and thus of our own success. Our teams and every single employee identify with this culture because they create the values that distinguish us as a company from our market companions and that make us so successful and unique.



Open and honest communication

Through open and honest communication within the team and towards our customers we create the basis for a trusting cooperation, mutual appreciation and the long-term success of joint projects.

Joy at work

A working environment that promotes joy, creativity and enthusiasm is our top priority because it is only in this atmosphere that excellent work results and great customer projects can be created.

Professional work in teams

Together we will reach our goal faster. We achieve this through active knowledge exchange, sophisticated processes, methods and tools and the willingness to help and trust in our project teams.

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Sustainable action

We maintain long-term relationships with our customers, employees and partners so that sufficient space and time is created for professional, personal and partnership development.


Respectful coexistence

We treat all people with respect regardless of gender, culture, religion, nationality or sexual orientation. Diversity is a top priority for us and is an important part of our corporate culture.

Your success is our success!

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